North Hollywood Martial Arts teaches the traditional system of Northern Seven Stars Kung Fu, a Chinese martial art that has been taught for over three hundred and fifty years.  It was founded by Wong Long at the Shaolin temple in Northern China.  Master Wong Long observed the tenacity and skill of a praying mantis fighting and defeating a larger insect, the cecada.  He studied this insect and its movements combining the footwork of the monkey, and seventeen other styles, to create the Northern Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung Fu system.

      The Seven Stars Praying Mantis System is a traditional and complete system, that includes many different aspects of self defense.  It also includes many of the traditional weapons taught in kung fu as well.  Weapons training helps to strenghthen the body and mind and is an essential part of traditional training.  By learning forms, drills, and fighting techniques you and your family will become healthier and stronger physically and mentally.  We are proud to be able to share this system with the North Hollywood, and Studio City community.

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